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A lot of people are complaining that Assassin’s Creed has become an annualized franchise. Ubisoft has been notorious for doing this (see: Ghost Recon) to games that have any range of success. I’ve been a fan since the original Assassin’s Creed. Back when everyone said the series was shit and going nowhere, I firmly backed the game and said it just needed time. Lo and behold, here we are a few years later with all sorts of Assassins.

The thing about Assassin’s Creed that makes it all right about it being “milked” is the culture behind it. Call of Duty, for example, is the same ole things except new perks, maps, and gameplay features. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. I don’t necessarily understand the hate train behind Call of Duty - if you don’t like it, then don’t play it and don’t buy it. 

Assassin’s Creed takes that to another level; it’s the same ole things but with entirely new environments and concepts. With Edward, we were there as pirates were becoming extinct. Connor was naive. He didn’t understand concepts like slavery and he contested people who tried to justify it. As Ezio, we got to see the Borgia family and how they ruled with an iron fist whereas with Altair we learned about the Crusades. 

This is why I continue to love Assassin’s Creed.

This game alone may be the reason why I go and get a PS4. I want to play this in current gen glory (IIRC, this is only coming out on XBONE and PS4 anyways). What troubles were people having at the time of this game? How will our Assassin seek to fix those problems? How will important Assassins in the past affect the decisions of the current Assassin?

Hideo Kojima is absolutely brilliant and what he says around 1:10 confirms my beliefs:

Many developers imagined something bigger and better, but they were limited by technology.

For example, the Final Fantasy we see today is the Final Fantasy that has, most likely, always been envisioned by the writers. They were limited by technology at the time, so they had to scale back their ideas to what worked and what didn’t. 

MGS V is going to be what he always wanted - an open world game that isn’t as linear as previous games. 

The problem with the developers shooting for what they’ve always wanted is that fans are going to want what they have been delivering in the past. It’s tough to say to those fans, “Move on.” but as technology gets better; the developers are going to want to build on the ideas they’ve had in the past. 

Honestly, I wasn’t even looking forward to the next iteration of Metal Gear Solid until I saw this clip. It’s really solid and next gen games look worthy of throwing $60 down for each game. 

That was my hardest race yet.

Dry in the beginning, wet in the middle, and dry at the end (hehe).

I ran out of gas near the end, so Kimi (my goddamnfuckingteammate) ended up overtaking me and winning by less than a second. I wasn’t ready to spend another hour just to get first place, so I gladly accepted second place and moved on.

My tires were shot at the end as well. I had no grip. It was sort of like driving on ice. 

For those who aren’t familiar with Formula 1 - there are twenty-two cars on the grid (in the 2013 season). At the end of this race, only fifteen cars ended up finishing. Even the AI had problems with the rain!

About to give Monaco another try in an hour.

The first time was a massive screw up. My set-up was only good for dry roads and once I slipped on Intermediates, I was sliding all over the place. A safety car was released during this stint and I called it quits because I pit just before the SC. 

The second time was great! I switched over my set-up knowing that it’d rain halfway through the race and I was able to lead for about twenty laps. The rain is such a killer though. A safety car was released during this run through as well (which is pretty cool since I never get SCs often). 

My main problem with Monaco is that it’s so damn inconsistent. One lap I could hit the brakes and not lock up anywhere and the next lap I’m locking up and heading into a barrier. It’s sort of like…a bipolar significant other. One minute, they’re trying to stunt with you and the next they’re telling you to move out because you used up all the ketchup.

Lock ups are just the most irritating thing to deal with in the existence of gaming. Locking up is essentially the last thing you want to happen because you’re probably hoping for the full usage of your brakes. Once you lock up, you’re going to brake slower than expected. So, if you can’t manage the problem in time, you’re either going to have to cut the corner or run into a barrier. I’d say 4/10 times you can actually manage the problem before getting into any serious trouble. 

However, if you’ve been sitting down for ~30 minutes and pushing for good laps for those thirty minutes, then your reactions will just take a hit which will then affect your lap times. 

Here’s to hoping Monaco goes well. 

Oh, and I’m entirely convinced that if the average gamer picked up this game; they would never be able to finish a 25%/50% race without being in last place (on the easiest difficulty). This is the first game I show my friends when they come over - it’s not a multiplayer game, but it’s so fun to see how they react to a game with a stupidly difficult learning curve. I usually put in two or three laps before I hand it over to them.

"How hard could it be?"

When you see someone play it the right way, it honestly does not look difficult at all. The reaction I think most of my friends have is,

"It looks easy, but it isn’t easy. But I want to be better at it."

Bolting through a corner at 70MPH is just absolutely addicting. The happiness I get from completing four laps without hitting anyone or anything is up there with some of my happiest moments. And I know that sounds sort of absurd, but it’s a bit more than a game. The determination and focus you need to complete a lap without hitting any objects is beyond the average gamer and even beyond most of the people who have decided to pick up this game. 

Online Racing Etiquette

That guy camping in the corner can get awfully annoying, but it’s a legitimate strategy. His strategy depends on you finding him. The way to avoid this is to completely avoid that area and he’ll eventually get bored and go out of his spot. Another way to get around it is to toss an explosive into the room or you can get a group of friends to help you clear it.

But, what is not an acceptable strategy in a racing game is running up someone’s inside and then smashing into them when you brake too late for the corner. 

I did my qualifying lap on Catalunya (I hate this track) and I managed to get first out of the eight players on the grid. There were no problems with my launch, as a matter of fact, I actually was able to put a half second between the car behind me. 

Unfortunately what happens in racing games is that you get a bunch of assholes (there’s really no better way to describe them) who, for the life of their family, cannot race cleanly. It’s like they have anxiety attacks that force them to make irrational moves on the opponent. 

As I took the first right turn on the track, a Mercedes came up my inside and smashed right into me. 

That’s not how racing games work. If you suck, then go find another lobby. I waited ~12 minutes for that race (quali and the load time for the actual race). In a matter of seconds, I was already out because his crash pushed me into the gravel trap. Not only did I damage my front wing, but my car had problems getting out of the gravel trap.

So, by the time I got out of the gravel trap, that asshole was luckily spun out to where he was in a fighting position. I was twenty seconds down on the last car. I decided to leave the race. It wouldn’t be too bad if this happened on a rare occasion, but this happens in every damn race online. 

Similarly, in GT5, my first and last race online was at the Nurburgring. I was leading the race by three seconds when some guy cut across the whole field, ran into the grass, and crashed into my car (intentionally).

What I’ve learned from all this is that racing games have the worst online players in the world. There’s no convincing me otherwise - the chances of getting into a lobby with “legitimate” racers is about as equivalent to Gran Turismo being a great racing game (see: none). 

FIFA ‘14: Tip for Career Mode

At first, I really didn’t like the progression system in FIFA 14 especially when I contrasted it with FIFA 13’s progression system. I bought Matija Nastasic off of Manchester City during my first season because he was an absolute steal in my FIFA 13 career. This time around, his overall has been bumped down and I don’t think his potential is anywhere near his FIFA 13 potential. 

Regardless, after getting some used to it, it’s been a lot more fun. The new player progression system actually makes sense this time around. Instead of dropping significantly from one season to the next, you actually see your players steadily drop, especially if they don’t get a lot of playing time. Players who are older but still get ample amounts of playing time will be able to stay in form longer.

The transfer system is a boat load of fun this time around as well. In FIFA 13, you really couldn’t tell who you might want to buy unless you went through every league and every team. With the new scout system (which I thought was complete shit at first), your scouts can be sent out to the best leagues and find all the players you want. Personally, I just send out a scout to a certain location for half the season (or until they can’t find anyone else) and then pick people from positions I need.

I’m currently in my third season and you NEED to know this if you’re playing career mode:


At the end of the season, I did that and I had almost two times the amount of money when they gave me a new budget. With my new budget, I was able to buy a new LB to replace Jose Enrique, Neymar to replace Sterling on the left wing, and a substitute center attacking midfielder. 

[25/01/14] Update

Hey everyone!

This blog turned one year old about a week ago and I’m sort of disappointed that I haven’t been working on it a whole bunch. Instead of giving it the ax while I work on other stuff, I’ll be switching stuff around so that I can try to have things go out every day.

Hopefully the things on the queue will be gifs and/or gif sets - all made by me and not reblogs. The other thing I’d like to do is start posting more gaming stuff here rather than my personal blog. I’m always talking about the most recent games and what I’ve bought on my personal blog, but I’ve never said any of it here because I didn’t think that it could be applicable (see: it is).

I am not a hardcore gamer, so I want this to appeal to similar gamers. I don’t go out and try to find the best indie games and I don’t go out and get the popular games to join the massive circlejerks about how good they are. 

I’d also like to deliver gaming news as unbiased as possible. I’m not here to promote the Wii U, PS4, or the Xbox One. If it sucks, then I’ll tell you it sucks. If my favorite series produces a shit game, then I’ll tell you it’s shit. 

So, expect to see a wide variety of games (from Final Fantasy, to Forza, to Dark Souls, to Uncharted, RTS games, MMORPGs, etc.) and thanks for sticking around! I hope these new consoles are treating you well (if you got your hands on them).

Two weeks ago I bought Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, The Last of Us, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. 

I’ve put in a solid forty hours into Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The only things I have left to do is hacking computers in the present day, finding the last of the animus fragments, treasure chests, and fighting the legendary ships. Overall, it’s a vast improvement over Assassin’s Creed III. 

I really thought The Last of Us was poorly demonstrated at E3. There was so much hype around it that I completely dismissed it as a single player campaign gone all wrong. Well, I’ve put in at least 20+ hours and I’ve yet to be the final chapter. I’m glad to say that I was wrong about the length of the game and the “fun factor”. 

I’m still sort of iffy on Call of Duty: Ghosts. It’s no secret that the game looks like absolute shit on the PS3 and 360, but I guess they were focusing their assets on the next gen consoles and then porting it over to the PS3 and 360 (unlike Assassin’s Creed IV). Honestly, the game is a bit more of the same. I hope they shift back to the older system (pick one perk for each slot, primary weapon, secondary weapon, etc.) because the current system is a complete cock up.

Out of those three purchases, I’d say that Ghosts was the weakest of the three in terms of longevity. When MW2 came out, I was able to have 6-8 hour sessions, but now I can’t even stand playing the game for longer than an hour. Once I put in The Last of Us and Assassin’s Creed IV, I was hooked - I could not put down the controller after an unhealthy amount of time staring at the TV.

Maybe it’s because I’m just not as interested in Call of Duty anymore; I’m sure others feel the same. I’ve been playing Call of Duty since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - that’s six years of the same series. All I’m saying is that if I had to recommend games to anyone right now and it had to be those three, my list would be:

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag = The Last of Us > Call of Duty: Ghosts