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This is my problem with the F1 games. Tiametmarduk is definitely one of the better racers who uploads videos onto YouTube. Even with the right set-ups and the proper equipment, first place is still a pain in the ass to catch up to. If any AI grabs first place, then they’ll gain this immense speed boost that you wouldn’t get if you were first place.

The obvious argument would be, “Well, they’re in clean air.” But that doesn’t explain how I have to manage my tires and my pace while they’re putting in a best lap + times close to their best lap every single lap. 

It’s always first place that’s difficult to catch and I put twenty seconds in between me and third place at Suzuka, but second place was always up my gearbox. There’s definitely some sort of weird rubber band effect if you’re in first and there’s a stupid “boost” that AI get if they’re in first.