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Here’s some footage from the demo of Final Fantasy XV. It’s great to see it come a long way. I’m glad that they decided to wait until the PS4 and XBONE to release this game — it just seems like it’d be completely average on the PS3. I, for one, think the wait will be worth it.

This game looks like it’ll set a standard for next generation gaming. Final Fantasy had set the standard for RPGs in the PS1/PS2 era. The graphics they’ve shown off so far have been staggering. It looks like they’ve done themselves a favor by queuing up their games. Hopefully they learn from this and start to work on games ahead of time without teasing them before they’re ready to be released.

Two things about these .gifs:

  • The top one is fake because the Lotus is operating
  • The second one is dope because the Marussia looks like it’s juking out a basketball player

You’re welcome. Also, if you’ve been keeping up with my .gifs on this trailer lately, then you know I’m just taking a massive piss on this trailer for the hell of it. Don’t get offended. I love all the teams on the grid.